Chimaera Guitar Trio

Will Brobston | Zachary Larson | Ethan Lorentz

The Chimaera Guitar Trio is Colorado's premiere guitar ensemble. The award winning Trio first met at the Lamont School of Music and has since cultivated a highly varied repertoire that is suitable for concerts, high profile events, weddings, and much more.

Baião de Gude - Paulo Bellinati (b. 1950)

Tempo Giusto ma Poco Mesto - John Duarte
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"Tempo Giusto ma Poco Mesto" from Variations on a Swedish Folk Song, Op. 28 - John Duarte (1919-2004)

Allegro - Fillippo Gragnani
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"Allegro" from Trio für Drei Gitarren - Fillipo Gragnani (1768 - 1820)

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