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     Zachary is a dedicated and passionate instructor who understands the importance of goal-oriented education. He has taught students of all ages and skill levels through private and group lessons. He has been an instructor at STEM School Highlands Ranch, Iowa Western Community College, his own private studio, and at the University of Denver as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. His private students have gone on to win competition prizes, study as music majors at Universities, and become staples of local music scenes. He currently teaches group classes through Young Audiences New York and individually through private lessons. In-person lessons are currently being offered in New York City, as are online lessons via Zoom. 


For questions about rates and availability, feel free to contact Zachary here or send an email to



Teaching Philosophy

     Being a life-long music student myself, I understand the individual problems and speed bumps that often get in the way of achieving our musical goals. As an instructor I strive to use a student’s innate talents and characteristics to conquer these problems. My lessons are geared towards turning students into musicians, rather than just guitarists, and focus on all aspects of musical training. My lessons are also a collaboration between the student and instructor that welcome the student's opinion. Because of this collaboration I have found the lessons often come full circle and help me improve musically as well.



Some of Zachary's former high school students recorded an album. Here is a sample - Dervishes by Jonathan Leathwood.

Student Testimonials

“Zac was a great teacher!  He teaches at a good pace, and he's funny, too.  He also makes sure you practice.”

– Peyton B.  

“You were great at teaching the fundamentals such as good form and proper technique.  I was very impressed by your professionalism.  Your talent and enthusiasm for guitar definitely rubbed off on Peyton!  Thank you!”

 – Geri B.


“Zac, you are the best guitar instructor that my husband and I could have ever hoped to find for our son.  We have appreciated your patience, dedication, and professionalism more than we can possibly express.  You made learning guitar so enjoyable for Aidan; each time I picked him up from a lesson, the first words out of his mouth were always, 'That was fun!'  At the same time, however, you also inspired him to work toward playing at a higher level.  You have been a true mentor to him, and your teaching has made a lasting and positive impact on his life.”

– Rhonda D.

"I started lessons in March, with absolutely no musical education in my background, and he had me playing the Beatles, Kansas and Luke Bryan by June. Thanks to Zac I can read music and play along with others. I would highly recommend lessons with Zac, you won't be disappointed."

– Matt N.


“Zac is professional, patient, fun and very dedicated to teaching guitar. His love for the guitar shines through to his students. After a year of group lessons, he recognized the potential that my son had, and suggested he take private lessons. Zac was able to teach my son so much more with private lessons, and he really took off. He encouraged my son to look up songs online for fun, but also taught him the importance of learning the fundamentals and classical guitar. He is the best!"

– Libby B.

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